Insert auto updating date in word

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The default (" Var5 = ") will produce the date " Var6 = ". Entering '0' (zero) will insert " Var8 = " (today).

Click cancel to quit." My Text = Var1 & Date1 & Var4 & Default & Var5 & Var2 & Var6 _ & Default & Var5 & Var3 & Var7 & Date1 & Var8 ' Display Input Box and get number of days Get Input: My Value = Input Box(My Text, Title, Default) If My Value = "" Then End 'quit subroutine End If On Error Go To Oops 'just in case Selection.

There you will find an assortment of date calculations you can use or adapt.

While in the downloads section, take a look also at Paul's excellent tutorial on Field Calculations.

This is in reference to a query posted by one of the blog reader on “how to prevent the date field getting automatically updated with the current date in a Word document.

We had already seen the steps required to insert current date or modify date format for the date in Word 2016, 2013 & 2010.

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Insert a date field (ALT SHIFT D), or one of the more specialized alternatives: CREATEDATE, PRINTDATE, SAVEDATE, TIME.You might think a simple field calculation of DATE 14 might do the trick, but try this: or and all you'll manage is an error message.You can produce a result of sorts by using and this will add 14 to the 'day' part of today's date, but try it in the last couple of weeks of the month and you'll quickly see the snag. It is possible to construct a field combination that will provide the required result, but it is so complex that you will not want work it out for yourself.But what if you want to insert a date other than today's date?What if you want to display a date 14 days from today (or 7 days earlier)?

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