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Dan's work has been featured in journals such as Cancer Discovery and Cancer Research.

His contribution is exploring the natural health approach to social anxiety and panic attacks.

The truth is, it’s better to err on the side of slightly over-dressing than under-dressing.

It’s important to remember that, although your looks aren’t that important, they still help.

When guys are finally face-to-face with a woman they like, it’s too late.

As soon as they open their mouth to speak, their mind freezes and they start mumbling.

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What really opened my eyes was that, despite approaching tens of thousands of women over many years, these guys Generally, having an attitude of openness and childlike curiosity about your date and dating experience is essential to having the dating life you want.Confidence is actually created when you do something courageous.In other words, it’s not the “confident guy” who approaches a beautiful girl on the sidewalk.One-liners may help you get the attention of women initially, but how are you going to keep the conversation going?As the saying goes, “canned material is great fuel to get started, but horrible to run on.” Structure and routine tends to kill the fun, the spontaneity and adventure of flirtation with the opposite sex.

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