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Daddies Little Girl14: yeah Daddies Little Girl14: i dont know Daddies Little Girl14: a bit shorter than me bbarry: taller than you / bbarry: nice Daddies Little Girl14: bbarry: as you walkd in the bedroom i see you look back at me bbarry: and see the outline of your boobs bbarry: erect nipples Daddies Little Girl14: I push you on the bed Daddies Little Girl14: i cant wait Daddies Little Girl14: I tear of your shorts bbarry: let my help yo out of those clothes Daddies Little Girl14: showing off your erect pen is bbarry: my erection is immense Daddies Little Girl14: wow, what a pole!

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sexy NGgirl69: no sexy NGgirl69: black sexy NGgirl69: please go to the site babe d Emo Cr AZY: im trying to find you whts the name of the video i cant find u sexy NGgirl69: its on the front page of sexy NGgirl69: you there yet? Meatspin rickroll = 100000000 cool pointswillum: hey wanna chat? willum: lol willum: guy getting %%%%%% up the %%% sexy NGgirl69: what? sexy NGgirl69: im a girl sexy NGgirl69: that must have been the wrong link willum: thats what you sent me willum: sexy NGgirl69: oh no sexy NGgirl69: sorry sexy NGgirl69: this is me sexy NGgirl69: Tiny Girl15: long brown hair Tiny Girl15: pretty green eyes if I say so myself : P Tiny Girl15: and yeah Tiny Girl15: pretty tiny Tiny Girl15: : P unsureaboutme: hehe i looove green eyes unsureaboutme: lol Tiny Girl15: unsureaboutme: : P may i ask... unsureaboutme: i doubt it Tiny Girl15: you're sweet Tiny Girl15: well, I want a nice guy Tiny Girl15: who doesn't only want to touch me unsureaboutme: yeah unsureaboutme: touching's cool and all but there's gotta be more to it than that Tiny Girl15: no I just didn't like it when my ex boyfriend did it Tiny Girl15: but that was 2 years ago unsureaboutme: u were too young... ---------------------------------------- -------------------- Londonm85: where u from? Big Boob Stacy: A small island, in Europe, you probably don't know Londonm85: erm Londonm85: let me guess Big Boob Stacy: England Londonm85: oh ok Londonm85: what u do up there? Big Boob Stacy: No, my strict Islamic upbringing does not allow me to date men anytime soon Big Boob Stacy: but I do like to... break the rules and be a bad girl ---------------------------------------- ------------ mikeyxxx: hi stacey Big Boob Stacy: WHO THE HELL ARE YOU AND HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME!?!?

d Emo Cr AZY: im looking all i see a spinning dick d Emo Cr AZY: hey r u wearing a black thong d Emo Cr AZY: hello sexy NGgirl69: thats me sexy NGgirl69: want me to put that in ur ass? sexy NGgirl69: sure sexy NGgirl69: heres a vid of me sexy NGgirl69: v=e BGIQ7Zuu i U sexy NGgirl69: im in that video sexy NGgirl69: im the dancing girl willum: its bleeped out sexy NGgirl69: what is? not surprised u didnt like it unsureaboutme: have u been single since then? I'm embarassed : P unsureaboutme: hehe Tiny Girl15: so now what do we do unsureaboutme: just suppose i was there... Tiny Girl15: maybe watch tv with you or something unsureaboutme: hehe unsureaboutme: and if i leaned over and kissed u? guy_4_cam2cam_sex: ok guy_4_cam2cam_sex: come on babe guy_4_cam2cam_sex: i am %%%%%%% u guy_4_cam2cam_sex: ur assss sexygirl69: are you jackin? lol 8_year_old_hottie: yeah 8_year_old_hottie: yeah my mum told me about it fenris..: yeah.. mikeyxxx: im mike and it says your name on the screen mikeyxxx: where are u from Big Boob Stacy: Ummm Big Boob Stacy: a small island in the Pacific Big Boob Stacy: You probably never heard of it mikeyxxx: ok Big Boob Stacy: Hawaii mikeyxxx: ive heard of hawaii mikeyxxx: is it beautiful?

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