How good is okcupid dating site

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Where Ok Cupid excels is with how people can differentiate themselves.Meaning, if you're in an open or polyamorous relationship, a couple looking for one person to join, have an unusual or less-known religion, have special needs, want to connect with the LGBTQ community, or are somewhere along the transgendered continuum, you'll find some amazing features here.Still, you can use the site without paying a cent, including contacting other members and answering quiz questions.I've personally used Ok Cupid since it started, and although I haven't met a lot of people through the site, those I have (and the friends I know on it) have been well-matched according to the mechanisms in place.Here’s what believe to be the top 3 best-of-the-best advice from Reddit Ok Cupid.DO DO From our very own /u/mattheikkila’s OKCu Tips: “Your first photo should either show how attractive you can be, or be interesting enough to compel those you’re interested in to click on it when it’s a little 60×60 pixel thumbnail.

There is no cost whatsoever to use Ok Cupid, making it a totally free dating site.Therefore, Ok Cupid is highly recommended for singles looking for someone new and exciting, for those wanting an alternative relationship (like BDSM dating or polyamory), or merely as a fun way to pass time.Disclaimer: As of 2013, IAC owns both Ok Cupid and (as well as many other dating sites, like Date Hookup, and fun place to hang out creating quizzes and seeing how you rate with others.I've never had a problem finding other users in my area (no matter how small the demographic I've chosen) but it definitely caters to the quirkier among us.

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