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One of first leaked celebrity sex tapes was Pamela Anderson Lee and Tommy Lee's.

There are no nipple pasties or socks to cover up junk in sex tapes.

No strategically placed sheets, or covering shadows to keep you from seeing everything. We just didn't think that it was something that we'd be able to actually do.

Since there's already videos of them naked and having sex in the world, the release of these tapes isn't quite as exciting to a broader audience, but if you're a fan of a pornstar who releases a sex tape, you're definitely going to be excited.

There are also instances where celebrity porn tapes were acquired, but legal action stopped them from being released.

We thought that we'd always just have to be satisfied wearing out those minute-long sex scenes on VHS tapes of our favorite erotic thrillers.

Those days are over though, and we've got you covered with a bit of a fun look at the history of celebrity sex tapes, and a handy directory to find the best links to turn your computer screen into a celebrity porn tube.

It used to be that what made finding good sites to watch celebrity sex tapes was that the speed of the internet, along with the relative newness of celebrity porn videos even existing.

The connection speed that most users were surfing the web at made the redistribution of the tapes more difficult, and because there wasn't really any legal precedent surrounding them, the celebs caught with their pants down (literally) were filing huge lawsuits against the sites that were distributing their sex tapes.

The couple's sex gape is best known for the fart that it was shot using a camcorder's night vision setting, which made the bright green footage of Hilton performing oral sex on Salomon ripe material to be parodied by films and TV shows all over.

The key to a parody working, before anything else, is the audience being familiar with the thing that you're parodying.

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