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I always need to speak to somebody, but it really blows my mind the number of people that insist on texting.

I’ll tell them to give me a call, and they say, “I’m too shy to talk on the phone.” How do you expect to actually have a face-to-face conversation if you can’t even pick up the phone?

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There is a dating school in Vancouver where there are dating coaches are not doing a good job. According to a young lady named Nicole, “I made it obvious that I did not want to be bothered with him. He would not stop.” Even though Nicole was not interested, the man did not get the hint.

It’s put out there all the time that women feel underappreciated, but we never hear that about men, and the truth is men feel the same way. ’ Those are distinctively feminine traits in our society.

But they can’t say that because they’ll be judged by society—you know, “you pussy,” that kind of thing. I think what really happens is that a lot of men that I see want somebody to hold the space for them.

Nobody truly knows who they are, and everybody only knows a snippet of what they’re willing to share.

I mean, I have heard people say that, but I’ve doubted it.

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