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Don’t send the girl a one line message and for crying out loud, don’t send her an unsolicited dick picture.

Those two tips are just the tip of the iceberg, maybe – in future – Mr.

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In the past, it was damn near impossible to communicate with people not in your immediate area but thanks to these fuck sites, you can fire up your PC or mobile device and have a threeway nasty chat with two hot chicks thousands of miles away from you!

With 2.1 million accounts, a fantastic user design and a 100% free to join model, you can't go wrong with considering a membership to 2- They have a few privacy issues but in the modern online world, most won't care.

Not because there aren't enough geeks out there, but because dating as a geek is tough.

I want to celebrate your success and even cyber high five you!

Of course there are, because men are programmed to want sex and ladies are programmed to want commitment.

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