Gibson banjo dating

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To appreciate this instrument it must be seen and heard. Style UB-1 — Retail Price: .00Style UB-2 — Retail Price: .50Style UB-3 — Retail Price: .00Style UB-4 — Nickel Plated UB-4: .00Gold Plated UB-5: .00GLORIOUS good times . In any event, I'm trying to pin down exactly what model / year / etc the instrument is.Like I said, there is no model number on the gold oval label inside the hoop; all that says is "The Gibson Mandolin, Banjo, and Guitar Company of Kalamazoo Michigan" or something to that effect. And if any body can tell me hoe to get around on this site all help is welcome.Hi all, I bought an old Gibson mandolin-banjo the other day.I think it's the MB-JR model, seeing as the hoop diameter is only 9", but it has no model designation anywhere on it.There is a serial number: 8023-15, but I can't seem to track that down anywhere online either, although some sources identify 8XXX serial numbers in general for Gibson banjos as being of 1925 build.

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It was in nearly immaculate condition, so I'm not too bummed about not getting a better deal."Snakehead" style head, with very little decoration, but coming to a nice point. No binding, no inlays (except dots), no flange, and an open back for the head. Got it originally to get a different sound to play slide with and it did its job well but ultimately I go for my national over it and don't play it often enough to justify keeping it trapped away in its case most the time.Comes with the case which I believe is the original (hunleth was one of gibsons biggest accounts at that time).

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