Geek speed dating comic con

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This isn’t something exclusive to our section of the cultural sphere.

But for those who do have problems dating and are not confident in letting their geek flag fly in a world full of muggles, finding someone to connect with can be a truly terrifying experience.

Imagine you are already someone with social anxiety issues that make it difficult enough to pursue a relationship but you also live in fear of the conversation killer, “Oh…you read comic books…” and all the assumptions that come with it.

Geek speed dating presents an interesting opportunity for men and women looking to directly connect with someone who shares similar interests, with someone who gets them.

As these events grow in popularity and attendance, the breadth of what’s offered increases.

What were previously comic-centric events have transitioned into truly multimedia events.

One of the positive changes in con culture has been an increase in the number of female geeks attending what used to be a damn near 100% male dominated experience.

How old school fans feel about that is determined on a case-by-case basis.

On a functional level, geeks speed dating works like normal speed dating.

Men and women are paired up for short intervals, move to new partners during the course of an hour or so.

That being said, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t know lifelong comic book readers who have no idea how to talk to a woman (or a man if that’s where your heart leads you).

Then again, I also know lawyers who love football with the same damn problem.

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