Frog dating

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Your “Selfish Love” can be restrained by allowing yourself the latitude to be flexible in your expectations and reinforcing the equality of your dating relationship so that you both “expect” and “do” as equal partners.

If you do find yourself “taking the reins” of the relationship by being the one responsible for planning dates, catering dinners, motivating your man to be with you when you want to do things together, your frog will appear in the place of the man you were first attracted to and the end of your interest in him is at hand. Let’s go back to the first question I asked you: “Why did your last dating relationship end?

When male frogs are ready to mate they will ‘call’ out to the female frogs.

If you don't go further right now, you'll never know if there's only another frog in your future.You have turned what you expect to be done for you into actions of what you do for yourself and him and when this becomes too much of a demand the relationship suffers and oftentimes ends.You “Kissed a frog” by not setting your relationship expectations on reality but on maintaining the relationship to the point of being the “doer” and “nurturer” and ending up “doing” for yourself in the relationship to keep yourself happy.The male frog will hug the female from behind and as she lays eggs, usually in the water, the male will fertilize them.After that the eggs are on their own, to survive and become tadpoles.

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