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Red Hawk Energy Corporation was founded in 2008 and is focused on acquiring and consolidating well-managed, smaller, undercapitalized onshore and offshore oilfield service and equipment companies with excellent reputations for quality and service.Many of these smaller service companies recently experienced seemingly unabated growth but are now faced with economic uncertainty due to their inability to access necessary maintenance capital as they enter this period of operational downturn and significant economic uncertainty.Privacy is the collection of rules and obligations that determine how and when access is to be authorized, in any medium.It follows that good security and privacy practices depend on one another.An incident response program that does not involve both security and privacy teams, for example, will lead to disastrous results should a breach occur.The technical security specialist within the organization must identify the breach and notify privacy personnel, who are required to mitigate the breach, and in some states, notify each individual whose information may have been disclosed.

The Office of Web Communications within the Office of Public Affairs provides support services to help those who are creating and editing content on DHS public websites.

HIPAA defines the term “security or security measures” to “encompass all of the administrative, physical and technical safeguards in an information system.” The safeguards are to protect against intentional or unintentional use or disclosure that is in violation of the standards, implementation specifications, or other requirements included in the privacy regulations.

In this way, even though the security regulations are limited to e PHI, the privacy regulations call for security measures for protecting PHI, regardless of its form.

By summer 2006, only 39 percent of respondents to an AHIMA survey reported that their facilities were in full compliance with the HIPAA privacy regulations.

In fact, there is some indication that the level of compliance is slipping.

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