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“Although I had come prepared, that first sight [of the fish] hit me like a white-hot blast and made me feel shaky and queer, my body tingled,” he wrote in Evidently, scientists themselves can have strong emotional attachments to their worldviews.The evolutionary worldview may capture one’s mind, in which case obvious questions can go unasked.After all, these non-evolving creatures supposedly faced the same bleak multiple mass-extinction events that annihilated many others.

It had been nearly two months since the fish had come ashore, but that only made Smith’s initial sighting of it all the more miraculous.

But its discovery in 1938 by a South African museum curator on a local fishing trawler fascinated the world.” The coelacanth’s discoverer, Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer, was the astute curator of East London Museum in South Africa.

She had made known to the local fishermen her desire to see unusual specimens. Smith, a chemistry professor and ichthyologist at Rhodes University in nearby Grahamstown, are archived on NOVA’s website.

How did this fish remain unchanged for hundreds of millions of years while other fish were allegedly changing to different kinds all around it?

Since no one has an answer for “what singles out an organism as a survivor-in-waiting,” is this kind of fish truly that ancient?

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