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These include the upwelling of C is taken up in preference to the lighter isotopes (Walker 2005: Section 2.4.2).

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With Accelerometer Mass Spectrometry, the ratios of the various isotopes of Carbon are measured directly and the amount of C calculated from the ratios, rather than relying on detecting the decay of the radionuclide.The analysis of each technique is focussed on the following factors: Additional to these factors could be a multitude of other considerations not strictly properties of the technique itself.For example, the processes by which the technique is performed and the associated skills and knowledge required to produce accurate determinations will necessarily impact the availability of the technique, but availability (and the associated monetary cost) is not an intrinsic property of the technique itself.For example, as Hamilton (2011) argued, there is no way of knowing whether the artefact that has been subjected to radiocarbon dating is an heirloom that has been curated for a given period of time, or whether the deposit itself has been reworked in some way as to render the date invalid when applied to anything other than the sample itself.This is not necessarily a weakness of radiocarbon dating, more a pitfall of the application of the technique.

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