Examples of boundaries in dating musical updating of romeo and juliet

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This is sound advice and certainly helpful, but we want to suggest an alternative focus.Take a look at the following verses: We would suggest the “Holy Kiss” principle on the physical dimension of your dating relationships, provided your Bible doesn’t translate the word “holy” as “French.” As infants, as children and as adults, physical contact is the primary way we show care, protection, affirmation, encouragement and love for each other.One thing to remember is that whenever God tells us not to do something, it’s because He has a better plan.He doesn’t want us to get hurt by following our own paths.

Sex is designed to be the pinnacle of intimacy and connection with our spouse.Here are a few of my ponderings: When I was discouraged after a miserable athletic performance, my father would often put his arm around me.Walking through a dangerous area at night, I would feel his protecting hand on my shoulder. Walking behind me at the dinner table, my mom would do this “rubbing-of-my-head-until-my-hair-looked-like-I-just-woke-up” thing. I imagine tears are now beginning to form in the corners of your eyes.I love the standard that the biblical author, James, gives us to determine what is and isn’t sin in our lives.This counsel is especially helpful when it comes to sexual purity.

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