Eunjung and jang woo dating in real life cherry bloosom com dating

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Love that laugh of yours in that drama haha so funny.. But he really didn't disappoint me with his impeccable performance. Because those different caracters have his outer look but totally different expressions. Please tell me why this brilliant young actor is not on producers, directors, casting directors list..should have move film and drama credits to his name than he does.

My honest opinion is u have that x factor that can make u super success. First watch you in Bel Ami as David,u captivated me since u first appeared to the end.. I watched him in "smile again" and didn't like his role in it. He's acted in different roles, he's succeeded in delivering those caracters as if he had split personalities. I'll always recommend his dramas or movies in the future. Last but not least, don't you think that his airface somehow similiar with Lee-Min Ho (the only another korean movies that I watched)? I was thinking that you'd follow up Bel-Ami with another wonderful the problem, why are casting directors, directors sleeping on your talent?????

I love you and can't wait to see your next drama and/or movie..the faith!!! I did expect to be back on your page to comment on you and your performance in the drama Bel-Ami, but omo, omo, omo....

) I'm curious about the Chairman and all of the children he's fathered and how he came to be married to the evil witch..writers have not filled the viewers in on this..the chairman had all of these secret children to begin with and why he seems like such a poor excuse for a father....

Nevertheless, it's a good drama and I hope it ends well for you. I'm happy to see you in Bel Ami, and I hope your role continues to entertain not only me but all the other viewers of this drama.

At the college, Woojung have lunch with their friends.

Eunjung and Jaemin plan to make her husband jealous.

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