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However, if you’re an empath, you may not know what these are or that you’re even resisting intimacy.Thus, you can’t convey your needs or set healthy boundaries – and this may be hurting your relationships.This differs from ordinary empathy, like when you sympathize with your partner’s harrowing day at work. You merge with your partner and actually feel his or her joys and fears as if they were your own.Thus, romantic relationships, particularly live-in ones, can be challenging.I joined this website a few months ago after I split from my ex and I’m really impressed.You’ve matched me with so many great guys, and I’m hopeful that I’ve now found a new partner who’s right for me. At last, a dating site that allows me to meet empaths in my area. All the guys I’ve dated in the past have been very self-centred and more interested in themselves than me.It makes a change to be dating a woman who’s in-tune with my emotions and who I can be myself around. This site has matched me with the most wonderful man and I’m eternally grateful for that.Yet, despite online dating services, expensive match-makers, friend fix-ups, and blind dates, they still remain single.

Ask yourself:* Have I been labeled as overly sensitive?

Without a membrane between themselves and the world, they unknowingly absorb other people’s stress into their own bodies. If you’re highly sensitive and haven’t identified this dynamic, you may unknowingly avoid romantic partnerships, because deep down, you’re afraid of getting engulfed.

A part of you wants a soul mate; another part is frightened.

As you’re getting to know someone, share that you’re sensitive, and that you value having alone time. If your comfort level is three hours max–even if you adore the people–make an agreement with your partner to take your own car if he or she prefers to stay longer.

The right person will understand; the wrong person will put you down for being “overly sensitive.” The latter isn’t someone you should be spending time with in the first place.

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