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When reading from a paper book, by contrast, our brains switch to a more concentrated form of information processing – dubbed 'deep reading' – and it's a mode that actually helps us better absorb and comprehend what's on the page.To us, that sounds like a great argument for giving books their own space, away from the distractions of apps and constant notifications on our modern do-all devices.Here are the best ebook readers you can buy today: Just how premium will ebook readers get before people stop buying them?That’s a question that market-leaders Amazon and Kobo have both been testing over the last couple of years, releasing bigger and more full-featured devices at ever-more-expensive price points.

And it’s clear the Forma uses newer and snappier E-Ink tech than Kobo’s previous flagship device, the Aura ONE, with full screen refreshes required less often and a touch more responsiveness when turning pages or using the onscreen keyboard. As is common with all Kobo devices from the last few years, the Forma's backlight also offers colour-temperature adjustment, so you can opt for an orangey-yellow light tone rather than the standard (and potentially sleep-disrupting) blue light. It’s the reading experience that ultimately counts, though, and the Forma undoubtedly shines in that regard: it’s asymmetrical design and large screen do undeniably make it more comfortable to use for long periods, so if you’re an ebook junkie looking for an reader that can keep pace this one’s still got the goods.The Forma's main power button is slightly mushy, and it’s genuinely difficult to tell that you’ve pressed it much of the time.The page turn buttons likewise aren’t as crisp as on the Oasis – although unlike the power button you can at least feel when you’ve pressed them, and to their credit there’s a nice big empty vertical space between them for nestling your thumb within.It looks outdated compared to other mobile devices of that time.But it beautifully serves the purpose it was designed for: read books conveniently and without any distractions.

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