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Among others, former crew members of Byford Dolphin and NOPEF (a Norwegian oil and petro-chemical union) have come forward and claimed the investigation was a cover-up.They claimed that the commission investigating the accident did not mention in their report the irresponsible dispensations on vital equipment requested by Comex and authorized by the diving section to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, which played a vital role in the accident's occurrence.One of the tenders, 32-year-old William Crammond of Great Britain, and all four of the divers were killed instantly; the other tender, Saunders, was severely injured.The situation just before this accident was as follows: Decompression chambers 1 and 2 were connected via a trunk to a diving bell.The committee investigating the accident concluded that it was caused by human error on the part of the dive tender who opened the clamp.It is not clear whether the tender who opened the clamp before the trunk was depressurized did so by order of his supervisor, on his own initiative, or because of miscommunication.

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One month after the accident, Norske Veritas and the Norwegian oil directorate made the rule final for all bell systems.It is suggested the rapid bubble formation in the blood denatured the lipoprotein complexes, rendering the lipids insoluble.Death of the three divers left intact inside the chambers would have been extremely rapid as circulation was immediately and completely stopped.The fourth diver was dismembered and mutilated by the blast forcing him out through the partially blocked doorway and would have died instantly.Coward, Lucas, and Bergersen were exposed to the effects of explosive decompression and died in the positions indicated by the diagram.

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