David archuleta and selena gomez dating

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Unfortunately for Selena Gomez, her obsession with Justin Bieber is not only taking a toll on her own inter-personal relationships, but it’s also starting to affect her public image.music career, the online world was abuzz with rumors that David was dating Charice Pempengco, who only goes by “Charice” on a professional level.The tiny Filipina pop singer played Sunshine Corazon in a recurring role on FOX’s As an article on the Salt Lake Tribune points out, there was also a time when David went to see Charice perform at a dance club in New York, and “had a small freak-out on Twitter” once he realized it was a gay club. Of course, as the Trib points out, he did his PR recovery with a “I have friends who are gay” line.I get frustrated watching myself hesitate so much, and not let go of things from the past that I know I should.A lot of those past things are fears, anger, resentment, and I see how they all form excuses in my mind of why I can’t move forward.

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