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Situations are unique, and my answers for taking things further would change from one possible scenario to the next.

Provided that the girl I used to see did not outright accuse me of infecting her with herpes (false accusation), I would still date her.

It really cannot affect the quality of my life now, but it's been a rough road. I rarely get outbreaks and they go away really quickly. The mental and emotional anguish is worse - the fear that men will shun you and hurt you feel when they turn off. Several people have even met their future spouse/partner after meeting at a BAF event!Although the BAF Meetup Group is not appropriate for posting personal ads, there are many online dating services for people with herpes and other STDs, and some are listed below.It was her attitude that made me decide I wish not to associate with her any longer.Well, here's a few ideas from the other side of the fence.

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