Dating work colleagues advice

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How are you supposed to go to work every day, be productive and have great results while you’re busy hating on your ex? You Might Have Legal Issues If your workplace romance ends up going horribly wrong - which is very possible - there is the possibility that a lawsuit might ensue.It usually happens when a superior is dating a subordinate(one of you is a manager, and the other is an assistant).When and how to the deliver the news that you and a co-worker are seriously dating (or maybe taking your relationship to the next level) is a personal choice.There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution or exact science, but some general guidelines can be helpful when you let the cat out of the bag.

Other people would also say that an advantage of workplace romance is the safety of starting a relationship with somebody you already know rather than dating someone you met at a bar or a club.

Nevertheless, it goes against most Human Resource rules and can get you fired.

So, what should you do if a co-worker declares their love for you and you want to avoid it? Make Your Intentions Clear Never blur the boundaries of work and your personal life.

You can also benefit from the excitement of “hiding” your love interest and pretending that you’re not dating.

Who knows; maybe you can create a very good collaboration system with your new beau/belle.

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