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First, we compared each state by opportunity, safety, and demographics.

From there, we broke up each key component into relevant metrics, and weighed the percentages of each based on importance: We then calculated the weighted average of the 3 indicators per state, and translated that to a scale of 1-51 to determine the best and worst places to find love online. We identified the most popular dating app in each state to make your life easier: Sounds like Maine and Rhode Island have it made—you can take your date from Plenty Of Fish to go eat plenty of fish. We’re definitely noticing an East Coast trend here—and with such a high concentration of universities, singles, and higher median earnings, it makes sense.

The only "laws/rules" for dating would most likely be found in Religion.

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pick up lines for asian girls looking for guys to get me pregnant.Figure that out and maybe we can offer some suggestions on how to leverage that to meet similarly interesting people. I’m interested in modular synths but also digital electronic music.Lots of people haven’t figured that question out and have trouble meeting and engaging others. I love journaling and drawing and checking out interesting spots in the city. I’d love more irl dates but I’m so shy Between myself and my two closest dude friends we've all found our long time significant others through different dating sites/apps.Makes me wonder why my coworkers that actually put effort into messages never get any back.

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    Well, that matters the least; the two have already shared vows within their heart.

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    It was not immediately clear why Rela has been shut down.