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Stop dating military men because you want to be like the movies or the other couples.Stop dating military men because you think they have a lot of money and can pay for anything you want to do.Tactical seniority, also known as "battlefield seniority", is the manner in which a senior officer in command of a given tactical situation is determined.For instance, within the United States Navy, groups of ships performing exercises together will have one ship designated as the tactical senior unit.The people who think if they marry someone now, love will come later.

Going to war and doing the jobs that they have to, takes a toll on people.

For officers in the same rank or paygrade, seniority is determined by the dates on whom assumed their rank first.

A type of "positional seniority" exists for military officers who hold top leadership positions of the armed forces.

The regular United States military hierarchy is as follows: When compared to each other, seniority among the service heads is determined by date of when the officer assumed office.

Externally, the standing of each service head is determined by the date of the creation of the position as follows.

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