Dating stuart minature steam engines value

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Wm Allchin Ltd North Hampton Two Speed, Steel Boiler, 100 PSI working Pressure, Cast Iron Cylinder Slide Valve by Stephens Gear with pole Reverser Many other scale features, too many to list. There is simply no inherent safety problem to support a ban.

51" L x 32" T x 21" W Rear Wheel Diameter 17" Nice running Case 65 engine with a good boiler, new smokebox and partial flue sheet. So buy the tractor you want now, in the future the good ones will just go higher and the bad ones will cost more to fix.

Both of these tractors sell well in excess of the other sized because there are so few of them.

Case is a very popular brand so it commands about 25% more for the same condition of tractor.

Determining the actual year of manufacture for many of the models is difficult, units such as the No. Many factors come into play, availability of material, particularly during and after the war years, special models made for major retailers such as Sears Roebuck and Montgomery Ward, and sometimes it seems they may have used excess inventory of parts for slower selling units for the more popular sellers.

To the best of our knowledge, all items are as described.New tubes, cast rocking grates, front door and ring. As you can see, steam tractors can vary all over the place in value from 00.00 for a yard ornament to 0,000.00 for a rare one. Yard ornaments are only worth a fraction of the value of a restored engine.It is much more expensive to repair a inexpensive tractor than to buy a good running one for more money.A SELECTION OF STUART TURNER ENGINES IN SUPERB CONDITION.

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