Dating stiffel lamps

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Stiffel lamps often contain a foil signature decal on the bottom of the lamp's metal or high-quality wood base.Look for "Stiffel Lamp Company," "SLC" or "Stiffel" on the decal or etched into the bottom of the lamp's base.Once Stiffel introduced artistic qualities to lamp designs, many companies copied him to create similar, but cheaper, lamps.One of the hallmarks of a Stiffel lamp besides its aesthetic appearance is its weight. One clear indication you have a old-style Stiffel floor lamp is the light switch.Sadly, many people stop analyzing and thinking about the true lifetime value of what they are shopping for, and especially when it comes to lighting. Is there more to why The Stiffel Lamps Company has been made and treasured in America for over 80 years?Below you will find every reason to not only invest in a Stiffel Lamp or Stiffel Lamp Set but how to care for that lamp so that it lasts for generations.

Metals used include pewter, bronze, brass and silver.However, due to reproductions and the use of labels that can fall off or be removed, it can be somewhat tricky to identify a Stiffel lamp mark.Look for the “Stiffel Lamp Company” foil signature, which may be attached to the lamp or lampshade.Finishes include polished nickel; antique, burnished and aged brass; silver or a combination of polished nickel and black.Some table lamps had smoked umber finishes, were made from Roman bronze, or were gunmetal gray.

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