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The high traffic on the website has helped the website earn a position on the block list of many countries such as Bulgaria, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and Portugal.Thus to use RARBG, you will have to use a VPN first.

site, which started out as a Bulgarian tracker, now helping facilitate users with peer-to-peer file sharing via Bit Torrent protocol.

A VPN encrypts all your internet activity and passes it through a secure tunnel so that no one can see what you're reading or downloading - not even your ISP or the VPN service itself. This also allows you to unblock sites like The Pirate Bay, or access foreign versions of Netflix.

The best VPN service according to our tests is Express VPN which effectively costs just .67 per month and has a risk-free 30-day money back guarantee.

Users can easily skim through thousands of links related to their search and find the one that is best suited for them.

The Pirate Bay is notorious for evading multiple shutdowns and blocks from the government and is, therefore, the Moreover, the VIP users or trusted user badges available on the website allow users to differentiate between legitimate links and scams.

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