Dating photos of moms with tatoos

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Who’s to say that women our age are “too old” to have a tattoo?The last thing you expect to see on your grandmother’s arm is a tattoo of a Celtic cross or Buddhist lotus.Ignoring men altogether at the moment, lets talk about women tattoos. Each seems to have been tastefully executed and from an artistic perspective the imagery is nice.The question is, can you see the woman behind the tattoo?A mom is the truest friend, first teacher, sunshine when we are in doubt and a mom tattoo is the best gift one can give to her.

Even if you are not such an extrovert who likes to share your tattoos with the entire world, a small butterfly or flower tattoo is something that can be hidden under a sweater, but you know it’s there.Perhaps this is why they are so popular with Boomer women! And, I think that for older women in particular, getting a tattoo is just another expression of their newfound independence and self-awareness. Have you ever thought of getting a tattoo or body art? Women over 60 have been around long enough not to worry about what other people think about them, and now we have the freedom to more fully express our creativity and passions in life. As we shared our stories, two women revealed that they had just recently gotten tattoos.I was a little surprised – because when Baby Boomers were growing up, having a tattoo was not nearly as widespread or widely accepted as it is today.

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