Dating hi standard pistol

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Lovell, the company also developed a silent, flashless pistol for use by OSS agents behind enemy lines.

This can be seen in the diagram above as part #10942.The downside of this is that the slide is slightly more awkward to cycle, but on a target pistol this is not the most important issue; accuracy is. This model is similar to the Olympic Citation having the old style “slant” grip and the more slender barrel with the adjustable weights and muzzle brake.The main difference is that the Olympic Citation was made in .22 Short whilst the Supermatic Citation was made in .22lr.It was a pistol that not only pointed instinctively but one that remained rock steady as it was fired making the Olympic Rapid Fire match as easy as it can be made to be.The Supermatic was set up for the ISSF Standard Pistol Match with a bull barrel and regulation 1,000gram trigger pull. High Standard’s original factory was in Hamden, Connecticut but this factory burned to the ground in the mid seventies forcing the move to Hartford, Connecticut.

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