Dating extremely shy girl

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One of the silliest ways to make a shy girl feel uncomfortable is to mention that she is not much of a talker.Pointing it out just draws more attention to the fact and as a result, pushes a person away from you.With the better part of girls being excessively cheeky and emancipated, thus without any fear of expressing their feelings and wishes, a great deal of men dream of dating a timid girl.

If you are funny (but not ridiculous though) she will forget about her shyness and will be more open with you all the time.However, you mustn’t go too far because being funny in a stupid way is not the best way to gain her trust and make her feel comfy with you.Yet, in certain situations, showing that you’re a bigger goofball of you two will free her from her shyness.But don’t do it in the creepy way, as it can easily scare her off. It will be a proof that you distinguish her from the crowd of ordinary passers-by.If you’re not that kind of person who is naturally quite dull or outgoing, it might also be helpful just to take your time and try to take no notice of her timidity or awkwardness.

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