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This should be you after listening to “Emotions” for the first time. It’s one of the best things about rap — a genre that will never not be creatively fertile, will never become stale, and will always be pushing boundaries. Usually this manifests in brightly colored videos, or moments of childlike exuberance.— In the wake of the after-party, the 19-year-old artist sits on the floor wearing a deadpan expression. ” our protagonist asks, analyzing read receipts and blurred signals. “Summer Girl,” their first release since 2017 album , is inspired by one of the best pop songs of all time: “Walk On The Wild Side.” It’s perfect, given Haim grew up in the ’90s, as much influenced by the rhythmic world of hip-hop giants such as A Tribe Called Quest as they would have been by New York ’70s punk. Because of this perpetual forward movement, fans are always looking for the next thing. On this collaboration with the producer Alchemist — who is just at adept at creating hardcore New York rap instrumentals as he is jazzy, sipping-beers-at-sunset-while-passing-around-a-blunt tracks like “W. “I Been Born Again,” which is accompanied by a black-and-white video of the members rolling around and doing pushups on some sidewalk somewhere, is relatively subdued, and not cartoony at all.

Youngest sister Alana barely even applied to colleges, so certain that she was going to be in a band with her sisters. Angel Olsen’s “All Mirrors” feels like putting yourself into that type of cinematic experience as soon as the ’80s synths arrive, although it’s probably more fitting for a title like . Part of the thing with therapy and healing is acceptance — acceptance that you can be “the archer” and also “the prey” and look at your mistakes just as critically as your enemies, and finally heal. I see right through me.” This must have been a breakthrough during her therapeutic songwriting sessions, or at least we hope so. The Death Cab for Cutie frontman, employing his unmistakable, soulful whine while presumably wearing a “3” cap over his floppy hair, sings: “Do you remember how when you were younger/The summers all lasted forever?

This week has certainly kept the music scribes busy. Blink, and all of a sudden Taylor Swift’s got another track. The Porches’ influence is so strong on this one, there’s truly nothing anyone could tell me to change my mind!

Rub your eyes for even just one second and then reopen them to find out that Missy freakin’ Elliott has released a whole mixtape into the world. I dare to ask this question for the room: When is the last time that someone told you, “All I want is to be near you”?

The result is “Looking for America,” continuing a streak of excellent songwriting from Lana.

She typically has deep affection for the past, particularly as it relates to American iconography and patriotism, but “Looking for America” can’t be nostalgic for an America that has never existed.

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