Dating cougar woman

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The most recent studies show cougar dating is typically when a woman of 35 years or older date men that are more than eight years younger than she is. That being said, the specifics of when a relationship is considered cougar dating is a bit subjective.

Some cougar dating sites also have a defining age for the younger cougar.

The world she comes from, has changed remarkably to the world the young man now inhabits, and she wants to go on a wild tour through your world at this point.

She is not ‘hanging-out’ at an old-age home, nor at a venue of her peers – she is where you are. Cougars are experienced and have been around the block a few times, and did the roller-coaster more times than they care to remember. Be the man you really aspire to be, and leave the struggling one you think you are, behind at home. If she rejects you, you smile and exit with youthful optimism, she will admire you for it.

Some people warn against sites like these, and some suspicion has been cast on this system.

For all she knows, her young date is from another planet.Many famous couples are in fact cougar-couples: Age Match was founded in 2001.It was the first site that catered to age-related dating specializing in matching young men with older women.They suggest that the age a woman can ‘debut’ as a cougar, is when she reaches 30 – as long as the man she dates or the men she are attracted to, are at least seven years younger than she is.Today, a woman is a cougar if she dates or is married to a man much younger than herself.

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