Dating burundi sites

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A 1982 Ordinance created a 5 FBU tax per kilogram of fish sold in Burundi and on the markets located alongside Lake Tanganyika.

Tax pressure reportedly has reached such a high level that most industrial fishers have withdrawn from fisheries and invested in other sectors of the economy.

Bujumbura, the countrys capital and principal city, is situated at the northeastern corner of Lake Tanganyika and serves as the chief market for fresh and processed fish.

A total of 54 landing sites were enumerated in the 1995 Lake Tanganyika Frame Survey, but the operation of smaller sites has been much curtailed in recent years owing to civil instabilities.

In addition, industrial fishing is prohibited within an area of 5 km from the shoreline.

Before the closure, strong fiscal pressure in the form of taxes and other fees and strict limitation on the number of permits issued was contributing to a withdrawal of effort (idle units or units transferred to other countries), suggesting an implicit policy of fleet displacement in favour of an expansion of the artisanal lift net fishery.

Fisheries affairs are vested with the Department of Water, Fisheries, and Aquaculture (Département des Eaux, Pêches et Pisciculture) under the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (Ministère de l Agriculture et de l Elevage), with headquarters in Bujumbura.

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