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Scott Henderson, who is one of the true tonemeisters of today's music, explained the sound this way (2/2001): Got the new TS-9/808 today - sounds great!It has more bass, and is punchier sounding than my original (1980s) TS-9. Ma N main page Basics | Tube Screamer History | TS10 | TS9DX Turbo | TS5 Soundtank | TS7 Tone Lok | TS808 reissue | TS808HW Hand-Wired | Tube Screamer Mini | SD9 Sonic Distortion | Boss Pedal Mods | MAXON mods (OD9, SD9, AD9 etc) | Sound Improvement | Reviews | Classic 808 mod | Brown option | KWS tour survival option | SILVER option | Sound Samples | Switch repairs | True Bypass | Clean Boost | Mod purchase information | Kit for overseas | Online ordering | Mod Form for sending with your pedal | Players of our modified pedals | Can you make an Ibanez or Boss pedal True Bypass?This has been moved to our Tube Screamer History Page.

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I just tried my '61 Slab Board Strat with the TS-9/808, sounds very nice. I was going through my guitars, and happened to plug my Sunburst 1959 ES335 into the ts-9/808 and Super Reverb.Greg wrote : I just got through playing both the original TS-808 and your new TS-9/808. The TS-808 sounds really nice, for once the switch works!But, after plugging my stock 1957 Strat into both units and a 60's Fender Super Reverb, the TS-9/808 sounds better than the old Ibanez TS-808.See the SILVER MOD page for more feedback from Scott from a message on my answering machine.Scott use the TS9/808 on his (August 02) CD Well to the Bone, on tracks 1,5,6 and 9.

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