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Nellie withdrew from the Quiz Bowl and Harper's team has to forfeit, which would lead to Justin's team winning.Alex learns that the opposing team was Justin and decides to replace Nellie.Max then decides to bottle the fountain water to sell it to the school population.Harper walks over to Alex to share her excitement over the Quiz Bowl.

“I’ve always had so much respect for him and his work, as well as his creativity and ability to visualize what he wants to shape or create,” says Samonas.Dean proceeds to rewire the buzzers and left the last one for Alex to do.He does not realize that Alex was unclear about the instructions.Harper then also says that she is joining the Quiz Bowl so that she could get a new reputation in school, not just as the 'fashion dynamo' but as the 'girl with the brains'. Laritate engages him to help set up for the Quiz Bowl at the gym.Alex volunteers to set up for the Quiz Bowl to get to know Dean.

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