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I bet we could do that.” So we started shopping around for original antique factory furniture carts.

We found a woodworker a few hours from our house who had two of them, so we bought them both and dug into refinishing them.

Image above: Sarah found these at Paddington Market in Sydney, Australia, during a holiday trip we took there while living in New Zealand.

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We also wanted to train ourselves to be able to identify spices by sight/smell/taste rather than cluttering up the otherwise very pretty array with labels, which we’ve gotten pretty good at.

She’s also subscribed to Felissimo’s 500 Pencils project; we’ve been thinking off and on about a way to mount/present the pencils in an interesting way, which will assuredly be color-sorted, as well.

Our books largely reflect our hobbies; most are cookbooks or art books.

We both totally loved the massive cast-iron detailing, but the cost of it plus what it would take to ship it to California was way too expensive for us.

Plus, we’re stubborn and often see things we like and think, “Huh.

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