Celebrating 100 days of dating

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I requested black felt crown with matching banner with the numbers 1 0 0 for 100th day.The owner was so sweet and she even rushed shipped for me because I needed it before the weekend.When not in use for the events, I plan to hang it in his nursery. 😉 She gave me three calligraphy options and I chose number 2. I personally think number 2 looks great with his name.You can purchase your own custom signage and lettering products here. I also purchased the 1-0-0 banner from Little Love Lane on Etsy.is an age old Korean tradition that most Korean American families celebrate until this day because it carries a special meaning in a child’s life.

On this day, celebratory food is served including sweet white rice cake that is passed out and enjoyed by everyone as a way to “spread” health, love and prosperity for the child.In Korean, hundred () also means white, which is why white rice cake is symbolic of this event.Traditionally this sweet rice cake (or baeksulgi) is passed out to one hundred people.So this 100 days celebration was especially meaningful for me because it’s now safe to say I’m PPD free this time around.I’m so thankful we survived the most intense and delicate time and that we are together happier and healthier than ever.

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