Business trip dating site

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Hotels with common areas are a great way to start, or hotels that build happy hour into their nightly rate.

Surf hotels are usually a step up from hostels and bring together not only surfers, but people who are more inclined to step outside of their bedrooms and mingle with other travelers.

or prostitution" is what pretty much everyone told me when I first decided to give travel dating a go. But I’d made it a personal goal to be more adventurous in my dating life this year…

Not every encounter ends in soul mate status, but you could end up meeting someone worth seeing more than once.

Search the site for a dinner party, register, and enjoy a meal whipped up by a local. Expat bars are where all of the wayward wanderers congregate for a taste of comfort and home. Festivals generally last at least three days, meaning you should make acquaintances early on so you can form a nice little social group for the rest of the festival.

They’re also places where you’re sure to find an Irish bartender, a pint of something familiar, and a slew of travelers who can share their incredible experiences. And if things go well these festival goers could become your new traveling buddies.

Stay away from the ultra luxury hotels, as people are more likely to keep to themselves, or are preoccupied business travelers. A group trip can be adventurous, exciting, social and full of people from a variety of age groups.

These companies take all the guesswork out of planning the trip, but give you enough autonomy to explore on your own.

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