Blue eyes intimidating

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Their adventurous nature makes them incapable of enjoying the simple, soothing things that please most adults, enjoying thrilling experiences instead.Maybe because of their rarity, but there’s something quite mysterious about people with grey eyes.Not to say that you should hire people based on their eye color alone, but you wouldn’t be wrong to expect grey-eyed people to be brimming with energy.People with grey eyes are indeed gentle as we already established, but they are passionate as well.Similar to people with green or blue eyes, grey-eyed people are somewhat of a rarity throughout the world, which is why they always get special treatment to some extent.

Most people with grey eyes require a healthy dose of daily entertainment to go on about their lives, regardless of age or social status.Be them personality traits or life goals, people with grey eyes all seem to share common views on life.Most people with grey eyes tend to be particularly gentle for some reason, avoiding conflict as much as possible if they can help it.As a result, much of the personality traits displayed by blue-eyed people can be found in people with grey eyes as well.Although not a precise science, the ancient art of physiognomy tells us that people who share a particular eye color also share a multitude of unique characteristics.

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