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I also keep track of where my subscriptions go with Add This.

Note: Please post a comment if you do a search on Bloglines and notice any classical music blogs that warrant inclusion on the list but weren't included! Rojo does indeed list subscriber numbers (although the site is verrrrry sloooooow), which for the vast majority on the list are no higher than the low double figures, except for Alex Ross, whose blog has a whopping 3751 subscribers!

Then you are not going to their blog and wasting download time to find nothing new.

If you use bloglines and want to go to the Beta version once you open bloglines just click on "take a test drive on Beta bloglines"(right hand pane)........sure if you have to login again (which is the same username and passwords)...............once you are in the beta version if you add it to favourites and open it when you go to bloglines you will stay in Beta.............ever changes you make in one will stay in the you go...........It may not be related, but I'd bet money that it helps.Until BGG can handle the load that Blog Lines was putting on us, I'll have to keep it disabled. I've been subscribed to the Hot Deals forum via Bloglines for quite a while, and it always seems they're lagged behind an hour or two (at best). I'm a bit surprised that 2-3 hits a second would be even noticeable, though. NPR: Classical Music and About: Classical Music are two blogs found through Bloglines that I didn't know about before. Some blogs that I expected make the list, such as A Singer's Life and Violin Diaries, didn't have enough subscriptions to make it into the top 50.

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