Blackberry calendaring not updating to notes enterdating com

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Your humble author has been a late adopter when it comes to the i Phone.Until recently, I've used a Blackberry Curve 8330 mobile phone since late 2008.It shipped with a nice faux-leather protective slide case that did its job.Overall, my 8330 has been a reliable and constant companion since purchase.Continually requesting calendar information for non-current teams creates unneccesary strain on the website.

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Microsoft Outlook® Users: Internet Calendar feeds are only supported in version 2007 or later.Would you like to be able to import your team(s) schedules into your other calendars, and automatically sync when those schedules change?This website provides a Live Calendar "Feed" which allows programs like Microsoft Outlook®, services like Google Calendar™, or devices like the Apple i Phone™ to import and combine with your other calendars.The i Phone features I desired included: Some readers may face the problem of moving appointments from the Blackberry Calendar to the OS X Calendars app.I neither needed to do this for reasons discussed earlier in this FAQ, nor did I research the issue.

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