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" The overall number of viewers rose slightly for the thirteenth episode, the first of a two-parter, when it was watched by 157,000 people, but the viewing figures for the key 18–34 demographics was at a low of 81,000.

Brioux commented again about Degrassi: The Next Generation still being on the schedules, wondering when CTV was going to announce its cancellation and noting that The Amazing Race, which follows it in the scheduling, was watched by ten times the number of Degrassi That pattern was repeated the following week, when Degrassi: The Next Generation was watched by 222,000 viewers, compared to 1,834,000 viewers for The Amazing Race, 1,579,000 viewers for Desperate Housewives and 1,106,000 viewers for The Mentalist, which were broadcast later in the evening.

Writers have been able to use a semi-floating timeline, so that the issues depicted are modern for their viewers.

This season depicts the lives of a group of high school freshmen, juniors, seniors, and graduates as they deal with some of the challenges and issues young adults face such as sex, sexism, sexual identity, financial difficulties, drug use, mental disorders, cyberbullying, child molestation, stress, hostage situations, racism, and psychological abuse.

Meanwhile, Emma has trouble adjusting from high school to college when Manny and Liberty seem to be moving on without her. Mia's life begins to spiral out of control when her growing modeling career comes in the way of her schoolwork, her friends, and a potential relationship with Danny. in their gifted class and forms an unexpected friendship with him.

Degrassi: The Next Generation is a Canadian serial teen drama television series.

Although only one school year passed in the story timeline since season six, season eight is set in the fall semester of the year in which it aired.

This time it deals with the anniversary of Rick Murray's death and his haunting former classmates.

When reporting on the figures in his blog, Bill Brioux, the television columnist for The Canadian Press, was surprised that Degrassi: The Next Generation had reached its eighth season with such poor ratings, asking "What other show in the history of Canadian or American television has so consistently drawn so few viewers yet gets renewed year after year?

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