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The Ubisoft Game Launcher requires that you login with an Ubisoft Account, which you can create for free.Once you have created/logged into your Ubisoft account, the first time you run the game you will be prompted to enter the serial number for AC2.This is done by clicking the small cog icon in the top right corner of the Ubisoft Game Launcher window, as show below: 5.At this point the game launches and there is no further sign of DRM, nor any other requirements other than having to keep an active Internet connection.Introduction Assassin's Creed 2 (AC2) was delayed for release on the PC, coming roughly four months after its release on the XBox 360 and Play Station 3.Unfortunately, it seems that aside from the delays, AC2 will be remembered primarily for introducing a new form of copy protection/Digital Rights Management (DRM) developed by Ubisoft.In short it appears that if you enjoyed AC1, you will enjoy AC2.Ubisoft's New DRM The official details of the new copy protection/DRM implemented in Assassin's Creed 2 are provided here, but basically it requires that you have a permanent Internet connection to play the game.

Note that login can be made automatic the next time you launch AC2; you don't need to enter the username or password each time you launch AC2.Recall if you will the way in which people were calling for boycotts and dreaming up all sorts of nightmare scenarios when Activation was introduced in Windows XP, or the early days of Valve's Steam online gaming platform.In the end these people were proven wrong - misinformation and hysteria are of no benefit to anyone.There are no strange pauses or anything else unusual.However I have a relatively fast and stable connection, so to simulate an Internet outage, I unplugged my ADSL line temporarily during normal gameplay to see what would happen.

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