Asian dating over 1 million popular

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When it comes to messaging other users, free members can only message premium paying members.It can be quite difficult to find who the premium members are, as there are no indications of being a premium member in a user’s profile.There is also a match tab that shows everything you want your matches to have, and a tab that allows you to put ‘cupid tags’.Cupid tags are keywords that can help other users find you in the member search.The only thing free members could do is to send a message and if it goes through, then you are in luck.But if the user you messaged also has a free membership, your message will be locked until you upgrade to a premium account.

Contacting in Asian Dating can be quite unfruitful if you have no premium membership.In the mobile app, match suggestions and member search results are shown through a linear layout.These suggestions do not automatically update or refresh even if you send a heart to any of them—like what other dating apps do.But reading about Asian Dating, I heard good reviews.I also saw hundreds of success stories from their website and learned that these were genuine feedback from past users.

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