Antioch rules dating

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Helpern-Strauss, would you like me to finish the question?

[ Ariel hits her buzzer, lighting one of the squares ]Dean Frederick Whitcomb: “Halter Top”! [ curtain parts to reveal the two players in a scene together ]Male Date Rape Player #1: May I compliment you on your halter top?

[ Dean Frederick Whitcomb enters the game show stage ]Dean Frederick Whitcomb: Alright, ladies and gentlemen, students and faculty! Back with us is our defending champion, she’s a Junior and a major in Victimization Studies. [ show Ariel at her podium ]And our challenger – he’s a nose tackle and a Sigma Alpha Epsilon brother.

Announcer: .your host, the dean of intergender relations – Dean Frederick Whitcomb!

The person(s) who are asked are responsible for verbally responding.

Each new level of sexual activity requires consent.

“Before we go any further,” the guy says, “I should probably grab something.” Instead of a condom, he pulls out a lengthy “sexual consent form.” “Do you mind if I have my lawyer review this? The jokes were stale, too — both played out during campus culture wars more than 20 years ago.

In 1991, Antioch College adopted a set of consent guidelines that went even further than the California state legislature, The person(s) who initiate(s) the sexual activity is responsible for asking for consent.

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Twenty years later, sexual offenses that could never realistically be prosecuted as rape — unwanted gropes and coercive hookups — continue to divide campus communities. The categories are: “Halter Top”; “She Was Drunk”; “I Was Drunk”; “Kegger”; “Off-Campus Kegger”; “She Led Me On”; “I Paid For Dinner”: and “Ragin’ Kegger”. [ reading card ] “It is the last day of school, a female student asks a male student to help her move her futon-” [ Ariel buzzes ] Helpern-Strauss? [ sound effect dings for a correct answer ]Dean Frederick Whitcomb: Well! Antioch College defines date rape as: any sexual contact or conduct between two or more persons, in which consent of such contact, which includes: the touching of thighs, genitals, buttocks, or the breast/chest area is not expressly obtained in a verbal manner. [ reading card ] “She orders a steak and a shrimp cocktail.” Strobel? [ lights bounce across the board squares, until Ariel presses her buzzer and stops the light on one of the squares ]Dean Frederick Whitcomb: “She Led Me On”! Okay, for those of you not familiar with the rules to our game, it’s quite simple. [ hits buzzer, lighting up one of the squares ]Dean Frederick Whitcomb: “I Paid For Dinner”! [ Male touches Female’s buttocks ]Male Date Rape Player #1: May I raise the level yet again, and take my clothes off so that we could have intercourse? [ scene ends ]Dean Frederick Whitcomb: Contestants?

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