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On Ashley Madison, men who said they were 6 feet tall actually were. These men never knew where I lived, never knew my kids’ names. I never gave Ashley Madison any personally identifiable information or credit card numbers. The minute you’d find out you were compatible with someone, you took your conversation to text or email. Another friend who was on there is a physician, and one works in HR for a big company. I also learned more about what men are looking for, and it’s not just hot sex or women with hot bodies. I’m not saying that going on Ashley Madison is the answer for anyone who wants attention. I want people to know that a lot of women on the site are normal people.

People who wanted a no-strings-attached affair or a serious relationship said so up-front. No one wanted to talk on the site or spend any more time on there than they had to. And I’ve learned that nothing’s sacred, unfortunately. Not everybody on there is out to wreck homes and steal husbands.

After hackers leaked troves of data about Ashley Madison’s users, Avid Life wants to figure out whodunnit.

And it’s prepared to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for information about the guilty party.

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Avid Life Media, the parent company of hacked extramarital affairs website Ashley Madison, has placed a bounty on its attackers’ heads.I was dishonest, but my marriage was ending, so I wasn’t cheating on my husband. The first thing everyone says when they start talking on Ashley Madison is, “I don’t want to change my situation or yours.” No one was planning on leaving their spouse. We wanted fun, carefree relationships, with good sex. The ads make it look like it’s going to be I’m in a happy committed relationship with someone I met through friends. I’m scared every day of the karma that could come for me. I met some great guys on the site, people I’m still friends with.And there are a boatload of single men on Ashley Madison either looking for a “Friends with Benefits” arrangement or a married woman. I met a man who had three daughters and lived in a beautiful shoreline town. I met a single guy with whom I had a FWB relationship and who I’m still friends with to this day. I can’t reconcile what I did with the person I am now. I’m not writing this to say, “Hey, I’m a good person,” or to justify what I did. I’ve learned it doesn’t take much for a man to stray. Most men were on Ashley Madison because they claimed they didn’t feel appreciated.You may remember, that’s one of the same ways the FBI concluded that North Korea was behind the Sony hack. But other bounty programs have seen success, like Microsoft’s takedown of the infamous Rustock spam email botnet. Gigabytes worth of data taken during last month's hack of the Ashley Madison dating website for cheaters has been published online—an act that could be highly embarrassing for the men and women who have used the service over the years.

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