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Persons interested in joining the Market can contact Alvson Garland (459-0551 xl38.Acton Area NOW The National Organization of Women, Acton Area chapter, which serves the Greater Lowell community, will hold an open meeting on June 14. Interested persons are invited to attend Playwrights’ Festival Eight new one-act plays, including Jack Ne-ary's "Jerry Finnegan's Sister” and D K Oklahoma's "Anna's Brooklyn Promise.” will be presented over the course of three nights at the Playwrights’ Platform June 15-17, 22-24 and 29-July I. at the Elizabeth Peabody House, 277 Broadway, Somerville Neary s play will be presented June 16.If you’re typing for long stretches, try to avoid RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury) that comes from repeated motion.Those who type while resting their wrists on the edge of either keyboard or desk may be letting themselves in for painful and sometimes disabling nerve injuries often called carpal tunnel noon, at the gazebo on Boston Common The event will include a "Father s Day Naming Project,” during which perpetrators of violence (incest, rape and wife-beating) will be named. Call 617-782-4246 to volunteer or for further details.

Brush With History artist Tom Gill, created a stir of excitement at the Gallery’s "Edge of White” show when Pat herself joined the crowd at the opening reception.

She is a survivor of Fires, floods, accidents, widowhood and operations ("And that’s only the good part of my life,” she chirps).

Helen was entertained in Florida recently by a band she employed for more than 30 years at "Happy Helen’s” on the Pawtucket Boulevard Bert La France and Shirley and George Goodness on drums, organs, guitars and vocals Filled her home and the neighborhood with big band music.

Helen, who in her prime danced with Rudolph Valentino at the Memorial Auditorium (she was "Miss Lowell” then), was the First woman in New England to receive a liquor license.

Popping off to Florida at an age when other people retire, she promptly bought a gas station, converted it into a dine-and-dance bistro and set Crystal River agog. Adding, "if you rest, you rust.” Computing in comfort By LARRY BLASKO Associated Press Writer Sitting for hours at a computer is one of the many chores of modem life to which our bodies must adapt.

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