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As Frances and Robert dealt with the nuts and bolts of their divorce, be it legal proceedings or financial issues, Season 2 tried to keep its leads focused on the future. Following an eight-month wait between the end of Season 2 and a renewal, “Divorce” landed its lowest episode order to date (six, down from eight in Season 2 and 10 in Season 1).It also got its third new showrunner in as many seasons.

Season 3 is pleasant enough, but it has nothing to say.

One might think this would lead to an exploration of what it’s like to be a penniless single parent in an expensive big city, but Season 3 skirts that in favor of a meaningless, go-nowhere turn of events: Frances gets what be an hourly gig at a bird preservation society. After six episodes, I still don’t know — perhaps to see Frances fall down a leafy hill?

She’s certainly not destined for a life devoted to our skyward feathered friends, nor does Robert (Church) find new purpose coaching girls basketball, flipping houses, or in his new marriage.

Forever.”, which indicates that just because a couple gets divorced doesn’t mean they’re out of each other’s lives, which is a sentiment well-covered by previous seasons.

Tonally, “Divorce” is best described as disinvested.

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