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His party, FA, holds a majority in both houses of Congress.It is not the first time that Vázquez has run the country: he also held the post between 20 before being succeeded by his party colleague José Mujica (Uruguayan presidents do not serve consecutive terms).Economic and political turmoil, in particular left-wing urban guerrilla attacks in the early 1970s, led the government to suspend the constitution and launch a period of repressive military rule.However, since the restoration of democratic rule in 1985, the country has once again been living up to its reputation and is broadly stable.

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This image was tarnished by a military junta in 1973-1985.As of 2018, primary surpluses are expected but due to the weight of interest payments the overall balance is expected to remain in deficit (estimated at -2.9% of GDP in 2018).Indeed, the interest payments are significant, standing at around 10% of revenues.Internal disagreements are likely to slow down some areas of policymaking, especially the unpopular fiscal adjustment plan.Vázquez is likely to face more pressure in this arena as the 2019 elections approach.

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