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Desde pequeño hizo evidente su capacidad y sobre todo la curiosidad que le producía la aritmética.

En 1.898, Rutherford comenzó sus estudios sobre la radiación emitida por el uranio.During his otherwise uneventful presidency, he ordered federal troops to suppress The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 and he ended the Reconstruction. His parents were Rutherford Hayes (January 4, 1787 Brattleboro, Vermont – July 20, 1822 Delaware, Ohio) and Sophia Birchard (April 15, 1792 Wilmington, Vermont – October 30, 1866 Columbus, Ohio).His father, a storekeeper, died ten weeks before his birth, thus making Hayes the second U. president born after the death of his father, Andrew Jackson being the first.An uncle, Sardis Birchard, lived with the family and served as Hayes' guardian.Birchard schooled a young Hayes in Latin and Ancient Greek, and contributed much to his early education.

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